A Slice of Evan would love to cater your next event! We provide ALL of the supplies and work to ensure your event goes as planned.

What types of events does A Slice of Evan cater?

We cater a variety of private events throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas. Events include but are not limited to: birthdays, family gatherings, kids’ sporting events, sales or board meetings, wine tasting, and employee appreciation parties.

Brief Overview:

Upon arrival, it takes about an hour for us to set up our workspace.Then, when you give us the go ahead, we will begin preparing and baking the agreed upon number of slices. In booking your event, we will go over details like date, time of day, topping preferences and amount of people.

We can serve up to 80 slices (Keep in mind, they’re giant slices. Roughly a slice per person). The minimum for an event is 40 slices.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

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